viernes, 1 de marzo de 2019

14-03/ 17-03


Joya Brava

Munich Jewellery Week 2019

The Chilean Association of Contemporary Jewellery Joya Brava,  with the sponsorship of ProChile, is pleased to invite you to the opening of our latest exhibition "Interiors", on thursday 14th, March, 5pm at Akjumii Space, during the Munich Jewellery Week 2019.

The exhibition presents the work of 26 of our members, developed under the tutorship of the outstanding Argentinian jeweler Jorge Castañón.

Opening Thursday 14th, 5pm.
Reichenbachstraße 36, Munich.

We would be delighted to share our work with you and  toast with a traditional chilean cocktail.

We are #44 on the Munich Jewellery Week map

Thu-Fri-Sat 10:00-19:00 h.
Sun 10:00-14:00 h.


Each one has an inner world: complex and unique, which manifests itself in infinite forms towards its surroundings. To dear and enter that world, was the invitation from our tutor, Jorge Castañónwho called us to absorb ourselves in that intense and deep process, where each one opens, throbs, grows and communicates with oneself and others. Over one year, he guided us in this critical work, crossing reflections and feelings, together with the experimentation of materials and techniques.
"The universal man exists. The economic systems prefer him confined in tribes. The existential questions are always the same. But the answers are the result of our experience in the place where each one was born, with a culture that helps us to construct an answer throughout our lives.
Contemporary Jewelry has the responsibility to escape the temptation of being a mere decorative object and to occupy instead the space for communicating and generating an object of reflection, with intentionality and with an accomplice as its bearer.
Latin America has been working for many years to bring its perspective and poetics nearer to the international scene of this vision of the art, which works with the body as an object of communicational desire.
During the years 2017 and 2018 I had the pleasure of working with a group of contemporary jewelers belonging to Joya Brava, Association of Contemporary Jewelers of Chile. This experience allowed me to find new answers to those ancestral questions about our own existence, and to enrich myself by listening to neighboring voices wanting to convert matter into communication.
I thank Joya Brava for those shared moments, endless talks, searches that will not come to an end because new questions will go on sprouting.
The result of that commitment to work is called “Interiors”, and can be seen during the week of Contemporary Jewelry in Munich, Germany.
I wish to invite my colleagues to come during that week and to walk through those personal universes".
Jorge Castañón


Cecilia Roccatagliata, Valeria Martinez, Monica Diaz Pinto, Viviana Arevalo, Soledad Avila, Clarisa Menteguiaga, Monica Perez, Vania Ruiz, Gabriela Harsanyi, Loreto Fernandez, Yael Olave, Pia Walker, Paulina Latorre, Andrea Silva, Rita Soto, Pascale Durandin, Joyce Marin, Massiel Muñoz, Ana Nadjar, Yoya Zamora, Patricia Iglesias, Constanza Bielsa, Daniela Rivera, Liliana Ojeda, Melina Rapiman, Carola Donoso